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Illinois Reduces State Taxes on Vehicle Leases

Nissan Specials in ChicagoAt Kelly Nissan, a Chicago Nissan dealer, customers, along with employees, are thrilled about the news. Illinois has cut the lease tax on new cars and trucks for 2015. All Nissan fans can thank the new Illinois law that was taken into effect as of January 1, 2015. The state taxes on vehicle leases are expected to be reduced by as much as 50%. This will further allow customers to lease cars for an exceptionally lower monthly payment. You really cannot beat this.

Now is the Time to Lease

This Chicago Nissan dealership is promoting the leasing of all 2015 vehicles as it will benefit all customers. There are a slew of reasons why leasing may be the perfect option for those in search of a new car, without purchasing.

Finance a Nissan in ChicagoLease payment are often 30%-60% less than conventional vehicle payments, making it more affordable, and more reasonable, to lease. New-car leases ensure that drivers will be using a vehicle with the latest features and most sought-after amenities, during the length of the lease. By leasing, owners can acquire a vehicle with more equipment than they could afford with a vehicle purchase with a similar monthly payment. Sometimes, it is even possible to to write off lease payments as an expense on your tax returns depending on your occupation or the company that holds your employment.

While leasing, customers can take advantage of bumper-to-bumper warranties, the elimination of negative equity, and gap insurance that is included with every lease. In addition, both 36 and 39 month leases are available and now customers have the ability to lease a new car every three years. Eligible clients will have automatic approval from Nissan if all payments are made on time regardless of other credit obligations.

Kelly Nissan wants all potential Nissan owners to visit their dealership for more information about this new leasing law. Call (708) 572-0233 to inquire.


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New York City’s New Nissan Taxi Service May Appeal to Chicago and Other Cities

Finance a Nissan in ChicagoAt Kelly Nissan, our Chicago Nissan dealer, we are excited to have received the news that on April 20, 2015 is the start date for the Taxi of Tomorrow: the Nissan NV200. This program will call for most retiring taxis to be replaced with the NV200, which will significantly increase the number of wheelchair-accessible taxis in the fleet.

Former Taxis Envy the NV

The TLC Taxi of Tomorrow guidelines state that the NV200 Taxi will be the sole option for Manhattan yellow taxis. Nissan is partnering up with BraunAbility, the global leader in automotive mobility, to provide a WAV (wheelchair-accessible vehicle) Nissan NV200 Taxi. These are now available for purchase.

More than 500 Nissan NV200 Taxis are already in service in New York City. This new model Taxi has more content specifically tailored to use as a New York City cab than any other vehicle prior to it. This, of course, also includes imperative safety features.

Nissan Specials in ChicagoThe Nissan NV200 taxi is the only taxi that leaves the factory with the installed partition, which has been specifically designed to ensure that no safety features are compromised by after-market installations. This taxi was crash-tested with the partition and meets Federal safety standards, which happens to be an attribute that no other automaker provides for taxis. The Nissan NV200 also meets global pedestrian-protection standards aimed at softening the impact to a pedestrian if ever struck by a vehicle.

This new taxi also offers its passengers various amenities to make their trip more pleasant, including ample cargo room for transporting luggage and USB charging ports, in addition to a 12-volt electrical outlet.

The NV200 offers a functional and spacious interior footprint that is housed in a compacted exterior. When this model is deployed across the entire taxi fleet, the equivalent of five square-acres of space will be feed up on city streets. That’s impressive.

It is a strong possibility that Chicago Nissan fans can expect to see the Nissan NV200, the Taxi of Tomorrow in the near future, if they make a solid impression on the Big Apple. For more information about the NV200, visit us at our Chicago Nissan dealer or contact us at (708) 572-7490.

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