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Chicago Nissan Dealer Creates New Website For Greater Customer Satisfaction

Giving customers the best online experience is a top priority for many businesses. At Kelly Nissan, we decided it was about time to change our website and give our Chicago Nissan business an upgrade.

Check out and see how we’ve improved the user experience, just for you!

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What We Offer Online

No one has time to actually visit a car dealership anymore. With advancements in technology people seem to be busier than ever.

That is why we bring our Chicago Nissan dealership to you, via our website. There you can search for New Nissan models. You will find the latest 2015 Versa and GT-R, as well as 2014 Altima, Sentra, Rogue, Maxima, Pathfinder, Murano, Juke and Versa Note.

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Our Used Cars Inventory carries the most popular models and makes in the area. We have been in business in the area for a long time and have fine tuned our selection to give you what you want. And if you don’t see the exact vehicle you are looking for, that’s OK – we will find it for you!

Apply for a loan. You can be pre-approved by the time you actually arrive at our dealership. This does two things; saves you time at our dealership, and let’s us know what budget you have to work with so we can better assist you with your purchase or lease.

All of our services are accessible, including our Service, Parts and Accessories, Rental Car, and Tire Centers. Schedule an appointment or order parts and accessories right here, online!

You will also find a Specials section that helps you save in all of our departments. One of the new and fun services we are offering is Live Chat. You can speak with a sales team member online. We know, not everyone has the time to get on the phone or stop by. If you’re already on the computer all day, what better way to speak to us?

Take a gander at our new website and let us know what you think! We are always open for suggestions and welcome comments at any time. Contact our Chicago Nissan internet department online, visit us in person, or call us directly at 866-450-8110, today!

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Chicago Nissan Dealer Kelly Nissan Announces Brand’s Autosport Award

Nissan's GT Academy

While known mostly for their vehicles like the Altima and the Maxima, the Nissan Motor Company has also managed to make quite a name for itself in the competitive racing world as well. With high-performance vehicles like the GT-R and the 370Z, Nissan is causing quite a buzz on both the streets and the track.

We here at Kelly Nissan are always thrilled to here good news about the brand that we represent, and as a leading Chicago Nissan dealer feel that it’s our responsibility to share the info with our dedicated shoppers. That being said, we’re thrilled to announce that Nissan has recently secured the Autosport Award for Pioneering and Innovation.

The driving force behind the award came from Nissan’s innovative GT Academy program. Spawned out of an unorthodox pairing between Nissan and Sony starting in 2008, the GT Academy takes people who are good at racing video games and through an intense training period lasting a number of months, turns them into professional racecar drivers.

Nissan’s GT Academy Has Changed the Face of Motorsports

Nissan's Autosport AwardThe most recent season of the GT Academy had an amazing 41 podium finishes, resulting in five different awards at SRO’s Night of Champions. The unconventional program consisting of turning gamers into racers really impressed the rest of the industry, culminating in the Autosport Award for Pioneering and Innovation.

Nissan’s Director of Global Motorsport Darren Cox accepted the award on behalf of the company. “Everyone in this room knows a driver who should have got there but didn’t make it, but we’re finding drivers who didn’t even know where they wanted to be. We’re taking drivers from the virtual world to the real world and making them successful. The first year people thought we were lucky, and then we must have kept getting lucky!”

The GT Academy is certainly an interesting concept that seems to have garnered Nissan some real success, and as a leading Chicago Nissan dealer, we’re thrilled to see what the GT Academy has in store for the future. If you’d like to learn more about the GT Academy and what else the Nissan brand has to offer, please feel free to give us here at Kelly Nissan a call at 866-450-8110.

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Popular Chicago Nissan Dealer Shares Details on the Celebrated NISMO Festival

As Nissan’s motorsports division, NISMO has managed to create some of the most iconic high-performance racecars, like the Skyline GT-R and the uniquely designed NP35. NISMO has also in recent years helped design a number of street-legal high-performance vehicles, like the 370Z NISMO and the Juke NISMO.

On December 1st, over 32,000 spectators gathered at the Fuji Speedway in Japan for the NISMO Festival where Nissan’s motorsports division showcased dozens of their legendary machines in a display of power, performance, and style. As a leading Chicago Nissan dealer, we here at Kelly Nissan were saddened that we weren’t personally able to attend the festival, but from everything we’ve heard about the event, it was quite a show.

The festival kicked off with an awe-inspiring opening ceremony, this year celebrating 80 years of Nissan, followed by the Nissan Historic Demo Car Run. The Run featured some of the brand’s most popular models, spanning four decades of development and design, from the ‘60s to the turn of the century and included some iconic cars like the Skyline2000 GT-R and the R380, R381, and R382.

Adrenaline Junkies Were Sure to Get Their Fill at the Fuji Speedway

Chicago Nissan Dealer 370Z NISMOIn addition to simply showing off these beautiful machines, exhibition races were also held to showcase what they were capable of. A dozen R35 GT-Rs competed in a 6-lap exhibition race, and the country’s most respected race teams, Team Orange, performed a “Drift Show”, showing off their driving prowess, Tokyo style.

While legendary cars were certainly in abundance at the festival, their legendary drivers weren’t lacking representation either. Respected race champions like Sunako, Kitano, Hasemi, and Hoshino were all in attendance, and a moment of silence commemorating the accomplishments and visionary prowess of NISMO’s first president and champion racer Mr. Yasuharu Nanba was held until the closing ceremonies.

While we here at your leading Chicago Nissan dealer, Kelly Nissan, regret that we didn’t get a chance to check out the cars, vendors, and races that peppered the festival, we are certainly proud to represent a brand with so much history and prestige in the motorsports world. If you’re interested in learning more about Nissan’s NISMO brand or you’d like to check out some of the new NISMO models yourself, you can give us a call at 866-450-8110 for more information.

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Popular Chicago Nissan Dealer Remembers the Life of Nelson Mandela

Chicago Nissan Dealer

Throughout both his tenure as a freedom fighter against apartheid and South Africa’s first black president, Nelson Mandela quickly became the face of racial equality and human rights during a time of utter chaos and oppression. With his passing, the world lost a great man whose shoes may never be filled in our lifetime.

We here at Kelly Nissan, one of your leading Chicago Nissan dealers, were deeply saddened to hear of Nelson Mandela’s passing on December 5th of this year. With his death, we can look back over his achievements and contributions during his life that shaped the man we would come to know, known affectionately amongst his fellow South Africans by his Xhosa tribe name, Mandiba.

Nelson Mandela was born Rolihlahla Mandela on July 18th, 1919 in the small village of Mvezo in Umtatu, which at the time was a small part of South Africa’s Cape Province. As a young boy, Mandela spent time herding cattle and playing with other young children in his village until his mother, a devout Christian, sent him to a Methodist school around the age of 7 where his teacher gave him the English name Nelson and began his journey towards achieving a higher education, an invaluable tool for what was to come later.

Nelson Mandela: The Man Behind South Africa’s Freedom

Nelson MandelaAfter obtaining his law degree at the University of Witwatersrand where he was the only native African student, Mandela quickly rose up the ranks in the African National Congress (ANC), eventually landing the position of National Executive in 1950. Through a serious of events, including a number of protests, arrests, marches, and anti-apartheid campaigns, eventually Mandela was arrested in 1962 and tried along side a number of other activists in 1964 and charged with four counts of sabotage and conspiracy to violently overthrow the government. Mandela and his comrades admitted to the sabotage but denied the charges of attempting to violently stage a coupe, resulting in a sentence of life imprisonment.

In 1989, South African president F.W. de Klerk began to acknowledge the fact that apartheid was an unsustainable system and began to free ANC prisoners, with the exception of Mandela, who was later released on February 2nd, 1990. Upon his release, Mandela embarked on a tour of Africa, meeting with dignitaries in an effort to work towards ending apartheid, eventually opening the door to democratic multi-racial presidential elections, which would result in Mandela serving as president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999.

Even after Mandela resigned from politics in 1999, he continued to contribute to philanthropies and various community projects up until his death in December. Truly a great man dedicated to helping his fellow man, we here at Kelly Nissan are truly saddened by his loss, and encourage all our Chicago Nissan shopper to take a moment to reflect on his contributions to not only South Africa but the world as a whole.

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Chicago Nissan Shoppers Thrilled to See the GT-R In Elysium

Chicago GT-R Dealer

The Nissan GT-R has been the brand’s most revered sports cars since it first came onto the scene back in 2007. Today, the iconic 2-door powerhouse has managed to cruise its way into the heart of Hollywood, making an appearance in the new action-packed sci-fi thrill ride Elysium.

We here at Kelly Nissan, your leading Chicago Nissan dealer, were thrilled when we saw Matt Damon tearing up the dystopian streets of LA in the new 2014 Nissan GT-R, decked out in armor and futuristic gadgets in the new movie Elysium. Given the plot of the movie, it makes sense that Matt Damon would need a vehicle like the 525-hp GT-R, as time is most certainly of the essence.

In the movie, a factory accident has left Matt Damon’s character highly irradiated, giving him less than a week to live due to organ failure. An orbiting space station called Elysium is home to the planet’s most powerful and wealthy, where advanced medical equipment could save Matt Damon’s life. Left with no other options, Damon’s character must find a way onto Elysium before his time runs out.

The Nissan GT-R Gives Matt Damon Some Speed As He Races Against Time

Chicago Nissan GT-RDonning a powerful exoskeleton and some high-powered weaponry, Matt Damon teams up with a team of terrestrial outlaws in an attempt to highjack a powerful business tycoon’s corporate secrets stored in his brain in exchange for passage to Elysium to save his life. The team locks and loads and hops into their assault vehicles, one of which is a battle-ready 2014 GT-R, as they chase the business man’s shuttle, taking it down with a well timed explosive and an action-packed ground assault.

While the assault doesn’t go quite as planned for Matt Damon and his crew as a team of interlopers tips the scales against their favor, the GT-R was able to get them to the crash site quickly and in style. If you’d like to see what happens to Matt Damon’s character and whether or not he ever reaches Elysium, you’ll have to rent the movie when it becomes available in the next few weeks.

Here at Kelly Nissan, we can’t offer you a battle-ready version of Nissan’s sporty GT-R, but as a leading Chicago GT-R dealer, we can offer you a normal street-legal version if you’d like. To learn more about the 2014 GT-R or to schedule a test drive, please feel free to give us a call at 866-450-8110.

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Chicago Nissan Shoppers Impressed With the Brand’s New Concept Vehicles

As a brand that’s constantly looking to deliver what their fans want in future vehicles, Nissan has been busy with creating some interesting concept cars over the past few years. While most concept cars never make it to the assembly line, the lucky ones that do usually go on to become fan favorites.

As a leading Chicago Nissan dealer, we here at Kelly Nissan are always eager to share with our customers the latest news and developments from our automotive brand. Recently, Nissan unveiled its Friend-ME concept vehicle at the Auto Shanghai 2013 auto show, a vehicle specifically designed to cater to the ‘80s generation of Chinese youths, who were looking for a vehicle that reflects their desire to break free of the social bonds that generations before them have adhered to.

While the Friend-ME can easily be applied on a global scale, designer François Bancon shaped the concept car with the 240 million Chinese who happened to be born in the 1980s in mind. This particular generation of Chinese men and women, known in Mandarin as Bālínghòu, make up a significant portion of the new global automotive market, and as such, warrant consideration when designing future vehicles.

The People Have Spoken and Nissan Listened

Chicago Nissan Friend-ME Concept“Clearly, their [the Bālínghòu] tastes will shape automotive trends worldwide for decades to come. So we believe it’s important to listen with respect, and respond by putting dreams within their reach,” says Bancon, acknowledging the generation’s desire to surround themselves with close friends and share recent events, stories, and interests with each other. While Bancon has been reserved with revealing information about the Friend-ME concept, it can be gathered from the unveiling video that the vehicle will feature four seats, giving each passenger their own personal space, with a touch-screen console that connects all four passengers, allowing them to update and share social media elements along with music and other media.

The exterior design of the Friend-ME concept car also reflects the Bālínghòu’s desires to break away from the traditions of their parents. Featuring a low, wide stance with short front and rear overhang that brings attention to an aggressive, sporty presentation, allowing drivers to both stand out while “going with the flow”.

While the Friend-ME concept is nowhere near the production state with no plans for an American-friendly model in sight, Chicago Nissan shoppers can still look forward to a number of excellent new 2014 Nissan models currently available at our dealership here at Kelly Nissan. If you’d like to learn more about what we have to offer, please feel free to give us a call at 866-450-8110.

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As Winter Approaches Kelly Nissan Helps Shoppers Prepare

The time has come for colds and overcoats as the leaves begin to fall and the temperature steadily drops, despite summer’s desperate attempt to cling to life. While fall folds fluently into the social consciousness, preparing for winter consists of more than just premature mall decorations and Ugg boots: its time to winterize your car Chicago Nissan shoppers.

We here at Kelly Nissan, the #1 name in Chicago Nissan service and sales, know full well how brutal and unforgiving an Illinois winter can be, and how devastating not being prepared for these harsh winter months can be. Your car is especially susceptible to Old Man Winter’s frigid hand, but taking a few precautionary steps in the form of simple winterizing vehicle services will keep you and your car warm and toasty till the spring thaw.

One of the first and most important things you can do for prepping your whip for winter is ensuring that your engine is equipped with the proper winter-friendly fluids. Switching out your “summer” oil for one with a thinner consistency will keep things moving smoothly, putting in an engine coolant with ethylene glycol to protect your engine from corrosion, and getting windshield wiper fluid that contains anti-freeze will help prevent the nozzles and tubes from freezing up.

Kelly Nissan Helps Drivers Stay Warm During the Winter Months

Chicago Nissan ServiceOnce you’ve got your engine’s fluids in order, the next step is to make sure your car has the necessary gear to prepare you for whatever the elements can throw at you. Packing an emergency kit in your trunk containing items like flares, blankets, boots, a radio, extra engine oil, washer fluid, coolant, and a flashlight will help keep you ready for any kind of unexpected hurdle you have to overcome.

Lastly, outfitting your vehicle with snow tires is a great way to prep for snowstorms this winter. Snow tires provide your car with the extra traction it needs to get throw flurries and snow banks alike, and if you don’t want to have to go through the effort of keeping and changing seasonal tires, there are all-season tires you can purchase that are great for any weather all year round.

If you’re interested in taking steps towards preparing for what winter has in store, we here at Kelly Nissan would like to invite you to stop by our Chicago Nissan service center and let us help you winterize your vehicle. If you’d like to learn more about the different winterizing services we have to offer, please feel free to give us a call at 888-699-0643.

The Nissan 370Z NISMO Performs in Unconventional Race Between Man and Machine

There are few thrills more exhilarating than jumping out of a plane and parachuting back to Earth. Adding a wingsuit to the equation and then racing a high performance sports car down a mountain, now that’s a rush.

While it’s highly unlikely that Chicago Nissan shoppers will find themselves tearing down a mountainside in a new Nissan 370Z NISMO, they can take solace in the fact that not only did Nissan make it happen they added a base jumper in a wingsuit into the mix. And then they made them race, because why not?

This adrenaline-junkie’s king of the mountain fantasy was made in an effort to push the limits of Nissan’s new NISMO line of high performance vehicles. With NISMO versions of the new 370Z, GT-R, and Juke models now available, Nissan fans with an already-insatiable need for speed may finally have found the cure to their itch.

Nissan Continues to Push the Limits Well Into the Danger Zone

Chicago NissanIn order to make this insane competition happen, Nissan flew their 2012 GT Academy Champion Peter Pyzera out to the Susten Pass in the Swiss Alps. Amongst the backdrop of one of the most beautiful scenic views in the world, man and machine faced off in an epic battle of speed and heart palpitations as Peter got behind the wheel of new 370Z NISMO and tore down the twists and turns of the Pass’ roads, hot on the heels of wingsuited-base jumper Dave Barlia.

Barlia was hooked up to a number of monitoring systems to record his blood pressure and heart rate, as was Pyzera in an effort to see which method of transportation was more exhilarating. While that comparison seemed a little unfair, the friendly competition certainly lacked nothing in terms of excitement and was truly a spectacle that you’ve got to see to believe.

For Chicago Nissan fans that unfortunately don’t have access to the Swiss Alps and a wingsuit, you can fortunately check out the next best thing with the new NISMO lineup at Kelly Nissan. Stop by our dealership today or give us call at 866-450-8110 for more information.

Chicago Nissan Fans Can’t Wait For The 2014 GT-R Nismo’s Arrival

Longtime fans of the Nissan GT-R will be thrilled to learn that Nissan Motorsport, the motorsports and performance division of the brand, is released a 2014 GT-R Nismo model. The 2014 GT-R Nismo aims to take a good thing and make it unbelievably better.

We here at Kelly Nissan understand that our Chicago Nissan shoppers have a certain level of expectations from our brand in terms of the performance capabilities of our sports cars. And while our 2014 Nissan GT-R, currently in stock, offers our customers an already heavy dose of horsepower, Nissan’s heavily anticipated 2014 GT-R Nismo is aiming to make the already powerful GT-R look like a scooter.

With only a few short years under its belt, we’re just as surprised as our customers with the immense level of popularity that the Nissan GT-R has reached. Standing up against more experienced performance based series like the 370Z, the GT-R has stood strong, and with the announcement of the 2014 GT-R Nismo, you can bet that the best from Nissan has yet to come.

If Chicago Nissan Fans Thought The GT-R Was Fast They Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

2014 GT-R NismoAs it stands now in our dealership, the 2014 GT-R comes equipped with a heavy-duty 3.8L DOHC V6 engine rated at an astounding 545-hp and 463 lb-ft of torque, more than enough power to satisfy even the most avid adrenaline junkie. But believe it or not, according to Nissan’s announcement, the 2014 GT-R Nismo’s power and performance capabilities are set to absolutely obliterate those figures.

Right now, the 2014 GT-R Nismo is in the early stages of development, which means we can expect to see the first inklings of a prototype sometime this summer. With that kind of projection, we can expect to be able to offer our Chicago Nissan customers a real 2014 GT-R Nismo sometime next year.

If you’re a Chicago Nissan shopper who just can’t wait for the arrival of the 2014 GT-R Nismo, we here at Kelly Nissan are pleased to announce that we’ll soon have both the 2013 370Z Nismo and the 2013 Juke Nismo at our dealership. If you’d like to come see what we have to offer, please come visit us at 4300 W 95th Street in Oak Lawn, or you can give us a call at 866-450-8110 or visit us on the Web at

Chicago Nissan Dealer Reflects Upon The Nissan Z’s Expansive History

As one of Nissan’s leading sports models, the Nissan Z has come a long way since it’s first model hit dealerships back in 1969. Since then, the Nissan Z has become an iconic automobile, beloved all over the world.

Chicago Nissan shoppers who are familiar with the Nissan 370Z are probably interested in seeing how this dynamic sports car has evolved since it was first released back in 1969. Since then, the Nissan Z has gone on to set the record for being the best selling sports car series of all time with over 2 million cars sold worldwide.

When the Nissan Z was first introduced to the world, it was released as the Nissan Fairlady Z in Japan in October, 1969 and sold at Nissan Exhibition dealerships that, prior to the arrival of the Z, sold the popular Nissan Bluebird model. The first generation of Nissan Z’s came in two versions, one to be sold in Japan as the Fairlady Z, and another to be sold as the Americanized badge Datsun 240Z.

The Nissan Z Did Well To Stay True To Form Over The Years

2013 370ZFor Chicago Nissan fans familiar with the styling of the 370Z, they’ll be thrilled to learn that those stylish contours and accents managed to get passed down through six different generations of Nissan Zs. From the Stingray-esque first generation S30 to the Miami Vice-like second and third generation S130 and Z31, style has always been an integral aspect of the Nissan Z lineage.

Another aspect of the Nissan Z that hasn’t changed much since the beginning is performance. When the Z was first conceptualized, it was designed specifically as a performance-based yet affordable sports car, and with the latest model, the 2013 370Z, Nissan fans can look forward to an impressive 332-hp and 270 lb-ft of torque.

If you’re a Chicago Nissan shopper looking to become part of the Nissan Z family, then head on down to Kelly Nissan and check out their selection of new 2013 Nissan 370Zs. One test drive and you won’t be able to resist taking one home. Kelly Nissan is conveniently located at 4300 W 95th street in Oak Lawn, and can be reached at 866-450-8110 or on the Web at