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Chicago Nissan GT-R Dealer Details Skyline Early Days and Legacy

Nissan GT-R in ChicagoDoubtless you have learned that history is an important thing to keep documented. The beginnings of something are a good way to measure growth and to analyze what factors brought success and which ones spawned setbacks. In the automotive industry, history is forever growing as new models supplant old ones and innovative new methods and strategies begin to dominate more classic styles of thinking.


What heritage is more exciting than that of the sports car? Built to become the ultimate speed machines, these vehicles are steeped in a past that is worth analyzing. Our Chicago Nissan GT-R dealer wants to detail the early days of Nissan’s Skyline model line to show how dynamic this industry has become over the years.


Sport Legacy


First introduced in April 1957, the Skyline was originally produced by the Prince Motor Company as a luxury vehicle. Original four-door sedans and five-door station wagons featured a 1.5L GA-30 engine that produced just 60 horsepower and could reach up to 87 mph.


Throughout the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, the Skyline received several updates including quad headlights in 1958, a facelift in 1960, and two stronger engines. Chicago Nissan showroomChicago Nissan GT-R enthusiasts will appreciate that around this time, the Skyline Sport arrived on markets in stylish coupe and convertible trims.


September 1963 saw the introduction of the second generation S50 Skyline Deluxe. Fashioned with a stronger engine and multiple trims, the S50 was designed with rounded brake lights, integrated taillights, and a centrally installed turn signal to adapt to the evolving designs of sedans and coupes.


In May 1964, Prince manufactured the racing GT Skyline that used a large six-cylinder G-7 engine. It entered the second Japanese Grand Prix and managed second through sixth places against the likes of the Porsche 904. Because of this success, the Prince Skyline 2000GT was released to Japanese markets.


In 1966, Prince Motor Company merged with Nissan and began developing new vehicles and updated models. This included the introduction of the S57 Skyline in 1967. The featured Overhead Camshaft 1.5L G15 engine was the most powerful engine in the Japanese 1500cc class at the time.


Eventually, the 11th generation of Skyline distanced itself from past models by leaving out some key features from the previous generation such as the straight-6 engine and turbocharging. Although it is no longer part of the Skyline range of vehicles, this became the Nissan GT-R, successor to the Nissan Skyline GT-R.


We are only scratching the surface on this vehicle’s great legacy. For more information or to speak with one of our representatives, contact our Chicago Nissan GT-R dealer today!


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