Renault-Nissan CEO Product Tests New Autonomous Model

Sometimes when you want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself. Recently, Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn got behind the wheel of Nissan’s latest prototype: an autonomous LEAF.

Although it’s going to be quite some time before Chicago Nissan shoppers can kick back and let their car do the driving for them, they can rest assured that the technology does exist and it’s currently in the testing phase. With such a leap in automotive technology on the horizon, the big wigs at Nissan decided to get a little oil on their hands in an effort to see first hand what they’re company is coming up with.

Renault-Nissan, the French and Japanese automotive powerhouse, decided to send their very own CEO Carlos Ghosn to get in on the trial phase of the new autonomous driving technology that the engineers at Nissan have been tinkering with. Set on a closed course, Ghosn confidently entered the vehicle, pressed the ignition switch, and off they went.

Nissan Once Again Breaks the Mold With Autonomous Driving Technology

Chicago Nissan

The vehicle that Ghosn was test “driving” was an outfitted Nissan LEAF, Nissan’s first completely electric automobile. Illuminated with a light blue glow radiating from the vehicle’s steering wheel and center console, a coy smile crept across Ghosn’s face as the LEAF took them around the track, his hands casually and comfortably placed on his thighs.

“I think, this test proving to me that first we have advanced a lot because the prototypes from two years ago were wayyyyyy less advanced than this one…I think we’re going to get there a lot sooner than we think.” Nissan estimates that they’ll have a fully-autonomous Nissan model available for the general public around 2020, with all of their models eventually having the autonomous drive feature as an option on all their vehicles soon there after.

While Seven years is a solid amount of time for Nissan to cultivate and develop this impressive new technology, Nissan shoppers who are just itching to get their hands on the latest technology from Nissan can check out the new Nissan LEAF models, currently available at our Chicago Nissan dealership here at Kelly Nissan. For more information about the LEAF and the other new Nissan models available, please feel free to give us a call at 866-450-8110.