Chicago Nissan Dealer Continues the Legend of the GT-R Legacy

Chicago Nissan showroomThe continuing story of the Nissan Skyline is one that has weaved itself through the decades. From its humble beginnings to its modern day incarnation as a no-holds speed machine, the Skyline played an important part in shaping a modern day vehicle renowned for its power, performance, and razor sharp style. Every stage of its development is important to observe as it became what we know now as the Nissan GT-R sports car.


Whereas we previously learned about the Skyline’s early days as a fledgling vehicle of the Prince Motor Company, we pick up in the late 1960s, after Prince had merged with Nissan and began manufacturing newer vehicles. Our Chicago Nissan dealer has the details on the decade where the world was finally introduced to the GT-R and how that came to be.


The Emergence of the Skyline GT-R


The C10 Skyline series was released in 1968 and was marketed with a Nissan badge that had replaced all Skyline nameplates on cars and trucks. Like the S57Nissan GT-R in Chicago model, the C10 Skyline had a 1.5-liter overhead camshaft G15 I4 engine, but an additional model housed a 1.8-liter G18 engine. It was during this time that the vehicle began to define itself as a sport-oriented sedan and coupe.


The first GT-R emerged in 1969 and was internationally known as the “Hakosuka,” which when translated means “Boxy Skyline.” It was equipped with a 2.0-liter 160-horsepower S20 direct overhead camshaft I6 engine, the first of its kind designed by former Prince engineers. Although it began as a sedan model, a coupe version hit markets in 1970 and 1971.


Chicago Nissan GT-R enthusiasts will appreciate that, after ridding themselves of all unnecessary equipment to make them lighter and more fit for racing, the Skyline GT-R sedan and coupe won over 50 victories by 1972. By this time, the vehicle’s next series was ready for manufacture and release.


Produced between 1972 and 1977, the Skyline C110 generation put out a four-door sedan, two-door hardtop coupe, and a five-door station wagon. This series of Skyline was known as the “Kenmeri” or “Ken and Mary,” taking its unofficial namesake from its advertising campaign featuring a young couple that went by the two names.


In September 1972, the Skyline GT-R arrived but ceased production by March 1973 as the oil crisis swept the nation. As people began gravitating towards more fuel-efficient and economy cars, sport and racing cars were shunned. Unfortunately, this was the last time a GT-R model was released until 1989.


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