Focus on Technology Makes Nissan a Top Choice for Chicago Drivers

The modern world is fast-paced, and the automotive industry is no different. We here at Kelly Nissan are proud to offer our Chicago Nissan shoppers a wide selection of Nissan vehicles that set new standards for technological advancements.

Forward thinking and a focus on innovation inspire Nissan to be moving forward constantly. As a result of this mentality, Chicago Nissan shoppers find vehicles equipped with the latest technologies to fit their ever changing needs.

In 2012, Nissan dove headfirst into developing new technologies to change the way people drive, improving everything from driver comfort to vehicle safety. Some of the incredible technologies Nissan has been working on could be available to drivers as soon as next year, and some are already on the road today.

Nissan Advancements Move the Industry Forward

Chicago NissanOne technology that our Chicago Nissan shoppers can already experience firsthand in all 2013 models is the Easy Fill Tire Alert system. A display inside the car shows the driver when tire pressure is low, including which tire and the current pressure. When the driver fills the tire, the car’s flashers confirm that it is being filled and the horn beeps once to signal the tire has been filled. The system will also let drivers know if the tires have been overfilled.

As a recent report found that under-inflated tires can triple the likelihood of an accident, it’s not difficult to see how this development can increase driver safety significantly. Other evolutions in safety technology are absolutely key, as well, and Nissan has several developments on the way.

Research from Nissan’s Intelligent Transportation Systems department has culminated in the installation of a system that detects pedestrians suddenly entering a vehicle’s path. At the same time, other sensors check for a safe path to avoid the collision before triggering an automatic response from the steering wheel to steer around the accident.

Nissan is also developing a next generation steering system that makes use of electronic steering technology. By taking out the mechanical correlation between the steering wheel and the car’s axles, Nissan drastically reduces the shaking of the steering wheel. This allows drivers to maintain maximum comfort and control when traversing uneven roads or when encountering unexpectedly rough terrain.

With the company’s continued dedication to developing cutting edge technology, Chicago Nissan shoppers can feel confident when they get behind the wheel of any Nissan model. Shoppers interested in more information on any Nissan vehicle can give us a call directly at 888-699-0643 or visit us online at