Nissan Service in Chicago Reveals Reward Points Program and Ways to Earn

Nissan service in ChicagoWho doesn’t love a good reward? A symbol of a good deed, valued service, or a sign of success, rewards usually measures positivity as a result of something. They assure us that not everything we do is for naught and that good acts and services do not go unnoticed. At our Chicago Nissan service center, we like to reward our loyal customers for preferring our goods and services to the rest by distributing redeemable points.


Simply stated, Kelly Nissan, Inc. One to One Rewards is a loyalty program where owners can receive incentive points to be used towards future acquisitions. Completely sponsored by Kelly Nissan, the program allows points to be spent towards new and used vehicles, service labor, parts, and accessories up to $300 at the dealership or Nissan service center in Chicago only.


Earning Points, Spending Points


Participants receive a Kelly Nissan Rewards Card when they enroll in the program and are eligible to earn points in several ways. When purchasing a vehicle, Chicago Nissan serviceregistered members will receive $250 towards a future vehicle purchase and each parts and labor purchase or service event earns 3% of the amount spent, redeemable for future services or purchases.


However, there are some ways to earn additional points in the program. Any 2006 Nissan or earlier model that comes in for service will receive 25 additional points towards the service bill that day or one in the future.


The program does have some obvious restrictions involved. For example, incentive points cannot be redeemed for cash in any way whatsoever. In the event of a return, points will be returned to the member’s card.


In order to get the most out of points, Chicago Nissan service rewards members should know that they expire after 24 months of inactivity and that your Rewards Card can be applied towards any vehicle at your household. In addition, redeemable points cannot combine with other discounts available at any time, and members must present a valid membership before acquiring any points.


What are you waiting for? Visit our Chicago Nissan service center today to discover more about the program and start earning points!

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