Chicago Nissan Drivers May See Concept Cars Sooner Than Expected

Chicago Nissan Dealer NewsThe latest innovations from Nissan are giving Chicago Nissan fans a lot to digest. The newest concept cars by the Japanese automative company have got people talking. The Nissan IDx Freeflow and NISMO make quite the statement.

Unconventional, modern and unique are probably the best words to describe these two models, and Nissan is not apologizing for their bold statement. In fact, drivers and designers around the world are giving them kudos.

Unapologetic Uniqueness

The digital age is upon us, so does it make sense for a car design to be inspired by the very thing that drives us? Of course! Nissan has really put a new spin on car design, which really has taken a ‘smooth and sleek’ approach. Concept cars are exactly that, concepts, but they are certain to inspire the next generation of models built.

The Nissan IDx Freeflow is supposed to reflet a casual and lifestyle-focused vision. It is very fashion forward, and one could imagine the t-shirt and khaki outfit to match. Visually, the IDx completes its look with silver trim (accessories) and stylish 18-inch chrome wheels wrapped in 195/50-18 tires.

Chicago Nissan Dealer NewsThe Nissan IDx NISMO takes us in a different direction. Namely, the I want to drive-fast and go-hard direction. It’s super sporty look is accentuated with the look of a retro box-shaped racing vehicle. New details have been added to give it an extremely modern look, including tiny, eye-like side-view mirrors and side-exhausts. There is only one way to imagine driving in the NISMO concept, and that is FAST.

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