Chicago Nissan Drivers Get Even More Innovations

Chicago Nissan Dealer NewsAnother new innovation is being released by Nissan Motor Company, Inc – the Smart rearview mirror! This development will be the world’s first ever LCD monitor that toggles between clear rearward visibility and the traditional rearview mirror. This awesome new product is set to be released at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.

Our Chicago Nissan dealership has all the information on the new Smart rearview mirror, and we’re excited to talk about it!

Smart Rearview Mirror Gives Chicago Nissan Drivers More Options

Rearview mirrors are definitely a necessity, but they don’t always provide Chicago Nissan drivers with the visibility they need. Better visibility is always a driver’s best friend.

The Smart rearview mirror is constructed within the regular rearview mirror, and can be activated in place of the conventional mirror. It works by using a high-resolution camera mounted on the rear of the vehicle, allowing the driver to check blind spots and other traffic conditions. Pretty cool, right?

Nissan News ChicagoSo, while you’re driving you can use the rearview mirror in the traditional way. When you are switching lanes or are unsure of oncoming traffic, for instance, you can switch to the LCD display. The Smart rearview mirror provides a clearer and wider view than a standard mirror. Chicago Nissan drivers will be able to grasp the full spectrum of traffic conditions more efficiently, and safely.

Think about it. If you have ever packed your car full, had a very tall passenger, or maybe balloons for someones birthday; you’re rearview vision is totally blocked! The new Smart rearview mirror eliminates that problem.

Nissan has always been a leader of innovation. The Around View Monitor was built by Nissan and was also a world-first. Find out more about all of Nissan’s stellar technologies by visiting Kelly Nissan.

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