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Chicago Nissan Dealer Bring The News Of First Crowd Sourced Car

Chicago 370z DealerOur Chicago Nissan dealer is ready to talk to you about the mind blowing new model that has come to our attention:  The first ever crowd sourced 370Z.  This is truly a work of genius and to be more specific, geniuses.  We give all the credit to the dedicated Nissan fans that want to make the brand better than they already are today.


This new model has over 500hp, a Greddy Twin Turbo kit with Type RZ Blow Off Valves, and a Greddy Turbo Ti-C Exhaust.  It was chosen to ride low on VOLK TE37SL custom-finished wheels.  The fans know exactly what they want.



To make it even more interesting, Nissan tested it out on one of the country’s most challenging roads, The Tail of the Dragon, which contains a jaw dropping 318 curves over 11 insane miles of glorious Tennessee highway.  This new model truly puts the word test in “test drive.”  If you were wondering how versatile it is, your answer lies in its success on the rugged road.


The interior matches the dynamic performance with new upholstery, Recaro Sportster CS seats, and highest-possible-end details like a NISMO Titanium GT Shift Knob.  The brand went all out in style.  Chicago Nissan fans will be satisfied with this cushy interior.



As for additional features, this model includes a StopTech Big Brake Kit, Yokohama ADVAN NEOVA Tires, and a Full Exterior Wrap by Sticky Fingers Design.  This vehicle is unstoppable when it comes to features.  The competition may be shaking in their boots right about now.


Chicago Nissan dealer

If all of that wasn’t’ enough, the crowd sourced model is the winner of two Digiday Sammy Awards: “Best Social Creative” and “Best Facebook Branding Campaign.”  After everything we’ve learned about the model, these awards were well earned.


Chicago Nissan Dealership Awaits The Arrival of Genius


Nissan has really raised the bar and 370Z dealers in Chicago are going crazy to get their hands on one of these models.  We share that sentiment and we hope that you do too.


Visit our dealership to learn more about this awesome project and to find out how you can find one to own.  You can contact us or call us on the phone any time to find out about any of our Nissan models.  We are always here to help!



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