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Chicago GT-R Fans Remember the Skylines of Old

Vintage Nisaan Skyline ChicagoFlashback to 1985, and your first thoughts are likely of Madonna, Phil Collins, big hair, Who’s The Boss, and a San Francisco 49ers victory. At our Chicago GT-R dealer, our first thoughts of 1985 are a bit different. Here, we recall the beginning of a generation of Skyline vehicles that broke the mold.

In 1985, the R31 series was born. This seventh-generation vehicle was the first of its kind to come equipped with the RB-series “Red Top” engines; it was also the only line of Skyline models to come with a 4-door hardtop option up until this time.

The best of the R31’s kind, the GTS-R Coupe, was a true innovation for its period, with a turbocharged engine that could deliver upwards of 430 hp! Chicago Nissan GT-R fans may remember this generation as simply, “Seven,” or, “Seventhsu.”

Not long after the R31, the R32 lineup was introduced, bringing about the first five-speed automatic transmission seen in Japanese production cars—an innovation that still is seen today in an array of rides.

Chicago Nissan Fans, The GT-R Is Far From PeakingNissan GT-R Chicago

Madonna, Phil Collins, Who’s the Boss and even the 49ers all had their moments in the limelight- but now, well into 2014, that limelight has pretty much faded. The GT-R, however, has only gotten better and better since the 80’s, warranting its unwavering spotlight for multiple decades.

The GT-R models of today would look at 431 horsepower as a shortcoming, as the most recent sports cars deliver the raw power of 545 horses and the pull of 463 lb-ft of torque.  Able to hit speeds of 196 mph, we have a feeling the GT-R will be a showstopper for many more years to come.

Whether you are fan of GT-R models past or present, contact our Chicago Nissan dealer today for more information on the best sports cars around; call 866-450-8110.


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Chicago Nissan Service Tips to Educate the Brand’s Fans

Chicago Nissan ServiceAt Kelly Nissan, our Chicago Nissan dealership, we want our customers to take driving as serious as we do. It is vital that your vehicle always performs at its full potential. Car parts and accessories don’t last forever and neither do you, which is why we pledge to keep you safe while riding in our brand’s vehicles. Over time, parts wear and tear and it is our responsibility that you are well informed and taken care of—it’s what we’re here for.

Safety Tips

Tire Pressure: One of the most important things you can do your for vehicle is to check your tires on a weekly basis. When checking your tires, keep your eyes peeled for adverse tire wear, splits in the sidewall, or chunks of missing rubber gouged from those curbs you hug way too closely.

Also remember that if you find something like a nail, or other objects, protruding through the tire, do not remove it. As long as it is stuck, it is sealing the hole, so take it to our Chicago Nissan dealership’s service department to have it plugged. Tires are important—remember to take good care of them!

Oil Levels: Though they’re easy to maintain, oil changes are often forgotten and can result in a domino effect of issues for your vehicle. If the oil level is too high or too low your engine will pay the price.

When you check you oil level, be sure to wait until the engine has cooled. Then, locate the dipstick—pull it out and wipe it clean. After it is clean, push it all the way back in until the top is properly position in the dip tube. After waiting another moment, pull it out to check the level of the oil. If the oil stain rests between the high and low marks you have enough oil; however, it is rests too low—it’s time you’ve added some more or it will result in another set of issues.

Nissan dealer Chicago ServiceWaxing (and what not): Being a car dealership, we know all too well that it’s what is on the inside that counts; however, it is quite imperative that you keep the exterior clean as well. Choosing the right washes and waxes is very important to keep your paint from fading. For example, bird droppings will clean easier on a waxed finish than just regular paint.

Though no matter what, you always want to clean up bird excretion as soon as possible. There are toxic compounds in bird waste that will damage most regular paint jobs. If you leave it to dry in the sun, you may just end up with a dull spot on your hood.

Remember these maintenance tips after purchasing a new Nissan. Even if you have a bird brain, and you forget these tips and plenty more, we’re here to help! Just visit us at our Chicago Nissan Service Department. Give us a call at (888) 699-0643.


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Chicago Nissan GT-R dealerAt our Chicago Nissan dealer, we idolize the Skyline’s history, noting its distinct qualities and achievements that continue to reveal themselves throughout the line.

Skyline, a unique line of Japanese compact cars, sports cars, and compact executive cars, was originally produced by the Prince Motor Company in 1955 and later by Nissan in 1966 when both companies merged. The Skylines were available in coupe or sedan body styles; however, today, they are also available in station wagons, convertibles, crossovers, and pickup delivery vans. The later models are mostly known for their trademark round brake tail lights.


Let’s rewind to the C210. The C210 of 1977 split the Skyline range into basic and six-cylinder models. The six-cylinders had a longer wheelbase and front end. This line was continued through 1981. The wagon version of this model would be a rare deviation due to the unique styling treatment behind the rear doors. In 1978, the Skyline received an internal and external facelift which led from the C210 to the C211. After this renovation, the Skyline appeared in various European export markets—namely Germany.

In this same year, the GT-EX replaced the discontinued GT-R with a turbocharged engine—the L20ET. This had been the firs turbo engine to power a Japanese production vehicle. Along with most Japanese vehicles of this time period, there were four or five-speed manuals and a three speed automatic with a column-shifted three-speed manual available on the lower end models.


Chicago Nissan dealerLaunched in August of ’81, the R3 series was launched into markets worldwide. Differing from previous generations, both the four and six-cylinder versions shared the same front end length. The R30 was available as a two-door hardtop coupe, a four-door sedan, a five-door hatchback, or a four-door station wagon. There were 26 variations of the R30 Skyline in total.

All versions, except the wagon, were usually fitted with the four round tail lights which had become a regular feature to the Skyline’s design. These are appointments that Chicago GT-R fans surely must remember!

Along with new additions, the R30 was face lifted in August of 1983 with a variety of changes. Four-wheel disc brakes became a standard feature. Trim specifications were revised and the four-cylinder Z18S engine was replaced with the newer CA18E. New features included upgraded interior trim, new front and rear bumpers, door-mounted wing mirrors, and smoked tail lights.

Let’s fast forward to today. Along with its history, the GT-R has continually been enhanced and upgraded to hold its own amongst heavy weight sports luxury brands. Visit us at our Chicago Nissan dealer to test drive the 2015 GT-R and experience the power behind the wheel. Call us at (866) 450-8110.

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