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2014 Nissan NV200 near ChicagoBe on the lookout for the 2014 Nissan NV200 Compact Cargo in Chicago, better known as “The Persuader.” On your grueling drive to work, you’re stopped at yet another red light, but bright electric blue distracts you from the bland sedan with a “13.1” sticker on the bumper. To the right is a vibrant commercial mini-van-ish thing painted in the brightest of colors to do exactly that—catch your eye; it reads “Rays Aquatics” with the script painted in an array of colors with the contact information below.

Remember that in-ground pool you had installed last year? You’ll need shock and chlorine for that. Oh, look. Under the contact information is a keyword code to receive discounts. You should probably jot that down: “rayswims2day.” Looks like you’ll be paying Ray a trip. It seems as though “The Persuader” has struck again.



Take your advertising to the next level with the 2014 Nissan NV200, now available at your Chicago Nissan dealer. Turn your insipid vehicle into your very own “Persuader.”

The NV200 is the perfect sized commercial vehicle for those big jobs and little parking spaces. With over 122 cubic feet of cargo space, this cargo carrier is complete with 40/60 rear doors accompanied by a sliding door on each side for easy accessibility. Its convenient size makes the NV200 very suitable for city jobs and parking garages. Chicago, this is the compact cargo vehicle made to make your wildest dreams come true—at least your dreams of owning the perfect commercial vehicle—because we know you have those.

Chicago area Nissan dealerEven the cabin is appealing to the pilot with convenient features to convert it to an on-the-go office. The fold down passenger seat can easily convert into a desk, while storage and power outlets are all within an arm’s reach. Also available to help you work more efficiently on the road is the technology package equipped with a convenient RearView Monitor, NissanConnect™ with Navigation and Mobile Apps, and various other high-tech features that can be easily accessed through a 5.8 touch screen.

Hurry in to your Chicago Nissan dealer and optimize your work environment to make it a pleasure rather than an aggravation. Visit us today for a free test drive by calling (866) 450-8110.



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Chicago Nissan Dealer Continues the Legend of the GT-R Legacy

Chicago Nissan showroomThe continuing story of the Nissan Skyline is one that has weaved itself through the decades. From its humble beginnings to its modern day incarnation as a no-holds speed machine, the Skyline played an important part in shaping a modern day vehicle renowned for its power, performance, and razor sharp style. Every stage of its development is important to observe as it became what we know now as the Nissan GT-R sports car.


Whereas we previously learned about the Skyline’s early days as a fledgling vehicle of the Prince Motor Company, we pick up in the late 1960s, after Prince had merged with Nissan and began manufacturing newer vehicles. Our Chicago Nissan dealer has the details on the decade where the world was finally introduced to the GT-R and how that came to be.


The Emergence of the Skyline GT-R


The C10 Skyline series was released in 1968 and was marketed with a Nissan badge that had replaced all Skyline nameplates on cars and trucks. Like the S57Nissan GT-R in Chicago model, the C10 Skyline had a 1.5-liter overhead camshaft G15 I4 engine, but an additional model housed a 1.8-liter G18 engine. It was during this time that the vehicle began to define itself as a sport-oriented sedan and coupe.


The first GT-R emerged in 1969 and was internationally known as the “Hakosuka,” which when translated means “Boxy Skyline.” It was equipped with a 2.0-liter 160-horsepower S20 direct overhead camshaft I6 engine, the first of its kind designed by former Prince engineers. Although it began as a sedan model, a coupe version hit markets in 1970 and 1971.


Chicago Nissan GT-R enthusiasts will appreciate that, after ridding themselves of all unnecessary equipment to make them lighter and more fit for racing, the Skyline GT-R sedan and coupe won over 50 victories by 1972. By this time, the vehicle’s next series was ready for manufacture and release.


Produced between 1972 and 1977, the Skyline C110 generation put out a four-door sedan, two-door hardtop coupe, and a five-door station wagon. This series of Skyline was known as the “Kenmeri” or “Ken and Mary,” taking its unofficial namesake from its advertising campaign featuring a young couple that went by the two names.


In September 1972, the Skyline GT-R arrived but ceased production by March 1973 as the oil crisis swept the nation. As people began gravitating towards more fuel-efficient and economy cars, sport and racing cars were shunned. Unfortunately, this was the last time a GT-R model was released until 1989.


Interested in how the Skyline’s story continues? For more information or to speak with one of our representatives, contact our Chicago Nissan GT-R dealer today!


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Nissan Service in Chicago Reveals Reward Points Program and Ways to Earn

Nissan service in ChicagoWho doesn’t love a good reward? A symbol of a good deed, valued service, or a sign of success, rewards usually measures positivity as a result of something. They assure us that not everything we do is for naught and that good acts and services do not go unnoticed. At our Chicago Nissan service center, we like to reward our loyal customers for preferring our goods and services to the rest by distributing redeemable points.


Simply stated, Kelly Nissan, Inc. One to One Rewards is a loyalty program where owners can receive incentive points to be used towards future acquisitions. Completely sponsored by Kelly Nissan, the program allows points to be spent towards new and used vehicles, service labor, parts, and accessories up to $300 at the dealership or Nissan service center in Chicago only.


Earning Points, Spending Points


Participants receive a Kelly Nissan Rewards Card when they enroll in the program and are eligible to earn points in several ways. When purchasing a vehicle, Chicago Nissan serviceregistered members will receive $250 towards a future vehicle purchase and each parts and labor purchase or service event earns 3% of the amount spent, redeemable for future services or purchases.


However, there are some ways to earn additional points in the program. Any 2006 Nissan or earlier model that comes in for service will receive 25 additional points towards the service bill that day or one in the future.


The program does have some obvious restrictions involved. For example, incentive points cannot be redeemed for cash in any way whatsoever. In the event of a return, points will be returned to the member’s card.


In order to get the most out of points, Chicago Nissan service rewards members should know that they expire after 24 months of inactivity and that your Rewards Card can be applied towards any vehicle at your household. In addition, redeemable points cannot combine with other discounts available at any time, and members must present a valid membership before acquiring any points.


What are you waiting for? Visit our Chicago Nissan service center today to discover more about the program and start earning points!

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Chicago Nissan Tires and Service Center Discusses Summer Sweepstakes Rules and Prizes

Nissan service center in Chicago The summer season is a busy time for everyone. Between barbeques, vacations, nights out, and weekend adventures, you seldom find yourself wishing that the season would end. Unfortunately, like all good things, the summer comes and goes regardless of how we feel about it.


At Kelly Nissan, our one-stop Chicago Nissan service center, we want to help keep the magic of summer alive by discussing the Nissan Keep Summer Rolling Service Sweepstakes event occurring now through September. The easy-to-enter contest requires little to participate but offers up something huge as a grand prize. Discover the requirements and rewards below, and help keep summer rolling!


Contest Rules and Prizes


To enter the Nissan Keep Summer Rolling Service Sweepstakes, you need either a contest PIN number or your current Nissan vehicle’s identification number (VIN).Nissan tires in Chicago

PIN numbers can be obtained from advertising pieces that are either sent via mail or found in participating Nissan dealerships as a take-away. Otherwise, willing participants can register using their VIN. Visit our Chicago Nissan tires center and dealership for your chance to win big today!


By simply visiting, you can see where to register your PIN/VIN number. By entering through this site you not only enter yourself in the grand prize sweepstakes drawings but also for the Online Play. To avoid entering for Online Play, you can register via Facebook for entry solely in the grand prize sweepstakes.


Online Play instant winners are announced periodically throughout the contest’s length and will receive a one-year Nissan Security+Plus® Prepaid Maintenance Plan. However, the grand prize sweepstakes winner will have something much bigger in store.


Three grand prize winners will be drawn around the end of October and announced shortly afterwards as recipients of one of three 2015 Nissan vehicles. Available models include the Altima, the Rogue, and the 370z, and each one comes with the one-year subscription to the maintenance plan mentioned above.


Like the summer, this contest is moving fast and will be over before you know it. Don’t let your opportunity slip away! For more information on this sweepstakes or any of the mentioned vehicles, please visit our Chicago Nissan service and tires center today and keep summer rolling!


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Chicago Nissan GT-R Dealer Details Skyline Early Days and Legacy

Nissan GT-R in ChicagoDoubtless you have learned that history is an important thing to keep documented. The beginnings of something are a good way to measure growth and to analyze what factors brought success and which ones spawned setbacks. In the automotive industry, history is forever growing as new models supplant old ones and innovative new methods and strategies begin to dominate more classic styles of thinking.


What heritage is more exciting than that of the sports car? Built to become the ultimate speed machines, these vehicles are steeped in a past that is worth analyzing. Our Chicago Nissan GT-R dealer wants to detail the early days of Nissan’s Skyline model line to show how dynamic this industry has become over the years.


Sport Legacy


First introduced in April 1957, the Skyline was originally produced by the Prince Motor Company as a luxury vehicle. Original four-door sedans and five-door station wagons featured a 1.5L GA-30 engine that produced just 60 horsepower and could reach up to 87 mph.


Throughout the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, the Skyline received several updates including quad headlights in 1958, a facelift in 1960, and two stronger engines. Chicago Nissan showroomChicago Nissan GT-R enthusiasts will appreciate that around this time, the Skyline Sport arrived on markets in stylish coupe and convertible trims.


September 1963 saw the introduction of the second generation S50 Skyline Deluxe. Fashioned with a stronger engine and multiple trims, the S50 was designed with rounded brake lights, integrated taillights, and a centrally installed turn signal to adapt to the evolving designs of sedans and coupes.


In May 1964, Prince manufactured the racing GT Skyline that used a large six-cylinder G-7 engine. It entered the second Japanese Grand Prix and managed second through sixth places against the likes of the Porsche 904. Because of this success, the Prince Skyline 2000GT was released to Japanese markets.


In 1966, Prince Motor Company merged with Nissan and began developing new vehicles and updated models. This included the introduction of the S57 Skyline in 1967. The featured Overhead Camshaft 1.5L G15 engine was the most powerful engine in the Japanese 1500cc class at the time.


Eventually, the 11th generation of Skyline distanced itself from past models by leaving out some key features from the previous generation such as the straight-6 engine and turbocharging. Although it is no longer part of the Skyline range of vehicles, this became the Nissan GT-R, successor to the Nissan Skyline GT-R.


We are only scratching the surface on this vehicle’s great legacy. For more information or to speak with one of our representatives, contact our Chicago Nissan GT-R dealer today!


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Chicago Nissan Service Patrons Given Heads-Up on Industry First Warranty

Chicago Nissan service centerIn an industry where competition is fiercely constant and everyone is looking to get a leg up on everyone else, it is difficult to bring something truly unique to the table. It feels as though by the time you’ve thought of the next big idea, someone else is already reaping its benefits, one step ahead of you. However, originality finds a way.


Our Chicago Nissan Service Department has information on an industry first, bumper-to-bumper, 5 years/100,000 miles limited warranty on commercial vehicles. Billed as America’s best commercial van warranty, this offer is available on the 2014 Nissan NV Cargo, the 2014 NV Passenger, and the 2014 NV200 Compact Cargo.

Details and Qualified Vehicles

Increased from 3 years/36,000 miles this basic limited warranty coverage period is 60 months or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first and covers bumper-to-bumper features. Essentially, the elements covered by this warranty include repairs to material or workmanship defects of all parts and components of all new Nissan vehicles purchased through the car manufacturer.


In other words, these warranties usually cover everything excluded from the powertrain warranty and corrosion coverage. To be clear, engine, transmission, andNissan tires in Chicago drivetrain defects are not covered under this warranty special. Furthermore, Chicago Nissan tires shoppers and service patrons will need to know which vehicle trims qualify for this exciting warranty special.


The 2014 NV Cargo 1500/2500/3500 trims are currently covered under this warranty special offer. This cargo van is packed with innovations and provides enough room for passengers and supplies as well. With up to 323 cubic feet of storage and a high roof feature that measures over 6 feet from the floor up, you’ll never lack for
space again.


The 2014 NV Passenger 1500/2500/3500, also covered under the warranty, is the ultimate van for those with a lot of tagalongs. With the capability to fit up to 12 passengers and 324 unique seating configurations, you’ll have no problem with making more than one stop in this true shuttle of vehicle.


Lastly, our Nissan service center in Chicago reports that the 2014 NV200 Compact Cargo also made the cut for this special warranty offer. This compact vehicle caters towards drivers who need a lot of space but like to leave as little a footprint as possible. An estimated 24-mpg combined fuel economy and 122 cubic feet of space are at the heart of this one-of-a-kind model.


We are sure that you will have plenty of questions on this great opportunity. Whether you are in need of service, looking to purchase a new car, or shopping for Nissan tires in Chicago, visit our facilities today or contact our center at (888) 524-8983 for more information.


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