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Chicago Nissan Fans Amped For More Information On New Juke Model

Chicago Nissan Dealer NewsNissan Juke fans, listen up! The latest model was recently revealed at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, and we have all the latest information.

If you would like specific dates about when the 2015 Juke will arrive at our Chicago Nissan dealership, please call 866-450-8110.

The Nissan Juke – Revealed

The Juke is already such a hot and different crossover, it’s hard to imagine what kind of changes Nissan would make. There are some subtle exterior changes, but the brand did keep the Juke’s very specific and unique “look.” A new 1.2L engine has been added to the line up and a serious upgrade to cargo room are the two biggest changes.

Chicago Nissan DealerBack when the Juke was first released there was a lot of skepticism, even from some members of our Chicago Nissan sales team. It is good to see that this fun and funky car is still on the market and that drivers gave it a chance.

When you take a look at the rear end, you will notice the rear bumper and LED lights in the tail lamps have been reshaped. By reworking the cargo area, Chicago Nissan customers will be able to pack 40 percent more stuff into the vehicle.

Finally, the new 12L turbocharged four-cylinder engine makes its way to this model, however; the U.S. Will probably see a revised version of the current 1.6L engine. More color choices are available as well as a number of interior trim options. Chicago Nissan fans may also appreciate the new 18-inch alloy wheels with available color inserts!

More news is coming in April, so be prepared to get the specs from Kelly Nissan soon! Customers are welcome to stop by our dealership during our business hours: Monday through Friday 9AM – 9PM, and Saturday 9AM – 5PM. We are closed on Sunday. Don’t forget to check back often to find out more about the very diverse 2015 Nissan Juke! This quirky model definitely appeals to the young and the young at heart. Chicago Nissan customers can come in and test drive the 2014 model to see if the Juke is a good fit. We look forward to serving you today!

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Chicago Nissan Drivers Get Even More Innovations

Chicago Nissan Dealer NewsAnother new innovation is being released by Nissan Motor Company, Inc – the Smart rearview mirror! This development will be the world’s first ever LCD monitor that toggles between clear rearward visibility and the traditional rearview mirror. This awesome new product is set to be released at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.

Our Chicago Nissan dealership has all the information on the new Smart rearview mirror, and we’re excited to talk about it!

Smart Rearview Mirror Gives Chicago Nissan Drivers More Options

Rearview mirrors are definitely a necessity, but they don’t always provide Chicago Nissan drivers with the visibility they need. Better visibility is always a driver’s best friend.

The Smart rearview mirror is constructed within the regular rearview mirror, and can be activated in place of the conventional mirror. It works by using a high-resolution camera mounted on the rear of the vehicle, allowing the driver to check blind spots and other traffic conditions. Pretty cool, right?

Nissan News ChicagoSo, while you’re driving you can use the rearview mirror in the traditional way. When you are switching lanes or are unsure of oncoming traffic, for instance, you can switch to the LCD display. The Smart rearview mirror provides a clearer and wider view than a standard mirror. Chicago Nissan drivers will be able to grasp the full spectrum of traffic conditions more efficiently, and safely.

Think about it. If you have ever packed your car full, had a very tall passenger, or maybe balloons for someones birthday; you’re rearview vision is totally blocked! The new Smart rearview mirror eliminates that problem.

Nissan has always been a leader of innovation. The Around View Monitor was built by Nissan and was also a world-first. Find out more about all of Nissan’s stellar technologies by visiting Kelly Nissan.

We have the latest models in stock and can give you the grand tour of your favorite model.

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Chicago Nissan Drivers May See Concept Cars Sooner Than Expected

Chicago Nissan Dealer NewsThe latest innovations from Nissan are giving Chicago Nissan fans a lot to digest. The newest concept cars by the Japanese automative company have got people talking. The Nissan IDx Freeflow and NISMO make quite the statement.

Unconventional, modern and unique are probably the best words to describe these two models, and Nissan is not apologizing for their bold statement. In fact, drivers and designers around the world are giving them kudos.

Unapologetic Uniqueness

The digital age is upon us, so does it make sense for a car design to be inspired by the very thing that drives us? Of course! Nissan has really put a new spin on car design, which really has taken a ‘smooth and sleek’ approach. Concept cars are exactly that, concepts, but they are certain to inspire the next generation of models built.

The Nissan IDx Freeflow is supposed to reflet a casual and lifestyle-focused vision. It is very fashion forward, and one could imagine the t-shirt and khaki outfit to match. Visually, the IDx completes its look with silver trim (accessories) and stylish 18-inch chrome wheels wrapped in 195/50-18 tires.

Chicago Nissan Dealer NewsThe Nissan IDx NISMO takes us in a different direction. Namely, the I want to drive-fast and go-hard direction. It’s super sporty look is accentuated with the look of a retro box-shaped racing vehicle. New details have been added to give it an extremely modern look, including tiny, eye-like side-view mirrors and side-exhausts. There is only one way to imagine driving in the NISMO concept, and that is FAST.

Want more information on these ultra-modern Nissan concept cars? Our Chicago Nissan dealership is available six days per week, or just call 866-450-8110 to speak with a team member today!

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