2014 Nissan NV200 near ChicagoBe on the lookout for the 2014 Nissan NV200 Compact Cargo in Chicago, better known as “The Persuader.” On your grueling drive to work, you’re stopped at yet another red light, but bright electric blue distracts you from the bland sedan with a “13.1” sticker on the bumper. To the right is a vibrant commercial mini-van-ish thing painted in the brightest of colors to do exactly that—catch your eye; it reads “Rays Aquatics” with the script painted in an array of colors with the contact information below.

Remember that in-ground pool you had installed last year? You’ll need shock and chlorine for that. Oh, look. Under the contact information is a keyword code to receive discounts. You should probably jot that down: “rayswims2day.” Looks like you’ll be paying Ray a trip. It seems as though “The Persuader” has struck again.



Take your advertising to the next level with the 2014 Nissan NV200, now available at your Chicago Nissan dealer. Turn your insipid vehicle into your very own “Persuader.”

The NV200 is the perfect sized commercial vehicle for those big jobs and little parking spaces. With over 122 cubic feet of cargo space, this cargo carrier is complete with 40/60 rear doors accompanied by a sliding door on each side for easy accessibility. Its convenient size makes the NV200 very suitable for city jobs and parking garages. Chicago, this is the compact cargo vehicle made to make your wildest dreams come true—at least your dreams of owning the perfect commercial vehicle—because we know you have those.

Chicago area Nissan dealerEven the cabin is appealing to the pilot with convenient features to convert it to an on-the-go office. The fold down passenger seat can easily convert into a desk, while storage and power outlets are all within an arm’s reach. Also available to help you work more efficiently on the road is the technology package equipped with a convenient RearView Monitor, NissanConnect™ with Navigation and Mobile Apps, and various other high-tech features that can be easily accessed through a 5.8 touch screen.

Hurry in to your Chicago Nissan dealer and optimize your work environment to make it a pleasure rather than an aggravation. Visit us today for a free test drive by calling (866) 450-8110.



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