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Chicago Nissan Shoppers Thrilled to See the GT-R In Elysium

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The Nissan GT-R has been the brand’s most revered sports cars since it first came onto the scene back in 2007. Today, the iconic 2-door powerhouse has managed to cruise its way into the heart of Hollywood, making an appearance in the new action-packed sci-fi thrill ride Elysium.

We here at Kelly Nissan, your leading Chicago Nissan dealer, were thrilled when we saw Matt Damon tearing up the dystopian streets of LA in the new 2014 Nissan GT-R, decked out in armor and futuristic gadgets in the new movie Elysium. Given the plot of the movie, it makes sense that Matt Damon would need a vehicle like the 525-hp GT-R, as time is most certainly of the essence.

In the movie, a factory accident has left Matt Damon’s character highly irradiated, giving him less than a week to live due to organ failure. An orbiting space station called Elysium is home to the planet’s most powerful and wealthy, where advanced medical equipment could save Matt Damon’s life. Left with no other options, Damon’s character must find a way onto Elysium before his time runs out.

The Nissan GT-R Gives Matt Damon Some Speed As He Races Against Time

Chicago Nissan GT-RDonning a powerful exoskeleton and some high-powered weaponry, Matt Damon teams up with a team of terrestrial outlaws in an attempt to highjack a powerful business tycoon’s corporate secrets stored in his brain in exchange for passage to Elysium to save his life. The team locks and loads and hops into their assault vehicles, one of which is a battle-ready 2014 GT-R, as they chase the business man’s shuttle, taking it down with a well timed explosive and an action-packed ground assault.

While the assault doesn’t go quite as planned for Matt Damon and his crew as a team of interlopers tips the scales against their favor, the GT-R was able to get them to the crash site quickly and in style. If you’d like to see what happens to Matt Damon’s character and whether or not he ever reaches Elysium, you’ll have to rent the movie when it becomes available in the next few weeks.

Here at Kelly Nissan, we can’t offer you a battle-ready version of Nissan’s sporty GT-R, but as a leading Chicago GT-R dealer, we can offer you a normal street-legal version if you’d like. To learn more about the 2014 GT-R or to schedule a test drive, please feel free to give us a call at 866-450-8110.

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Chicago Nissan Shoppers Impressed With the Brand’s New Concept Vehicles

As a brand that’s constantly looking to deliver what their fans want in future vehicles, Nissan has been busy with creating some interesting concept cars over the past few years. While most concept cars never make it to the assembly line, the lucky ones that do usually go on to become fan favorites.

As a leading Chicago Nissan dealer, we here at Kelly Nissan are always eager to share with our customers the latest news and developments from our automotive brand. Recently, Nissan unveiled its Friend-ME concept vehicle at the Auto Shanghai 2013 auto show, a vehicle specifically designed to cater to the ‘80s generation of Chinese youths, who were looking for a vehicle that reflects their desire to break free of the social bonds that generations before them have adhered to.

While the Friend-ME can easily be applied on a global scale, designer François Bancon shaped the concept car with the 240 million Chinese who happened to be born in the 1980s in mind. This particular generation of Chinese men and women, known in Mandarin as Bālínghòu, make up a significant portion of the new global automotive market, and as such, warrant consideration when designing future vehicles.

The People Have Spoken and Nissan Listened

Chicago Nissan Friend-ME Concept“Clearly, their [the Bālínghòu] tastes will shape automotive trends worldwide for decades to come. So we believe it’s important to listen with respect, and respond by putting dreams within their reach,” says Bancon, acknowledging the generation’s desire to surround themselves with close friends and share recent events, stories, and interests with each other. While Bancon has been reserved with revealing information about the Friend-ME concept, it can be gathered from the unveiling video that the vehicle will feature four seats, giving each passenger their own personal space, with a touch-screen console that connects all four passengers, allowing them to update and share social media elements along with music and other media.

The exterior design of the Friend-ME concept car also reflects the Bālínghòu’s desires to break away from the traditions of their parents. Featuring a low, wide stance with short front and rear overhang that brings attention to an aggressive, sporty presentation, allowing drivers to both stand out while “going with the flow”.

While the Friend-ME concept is nowhere near the production state with no plans for an American-friendly model in sight, Chicago Nissan shoppers can still look forward to a number of excellent new 2014 Nissan models currently available at our dealership here at Kelly Nissan. If you’d like to learn more about what we have to offer, please feel free to give us a call at 866-450-8110.

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